Classic Live Bird Crate


Carrying Capacity : 6 -10 birds (size dependent)
Stackability : 8 high (Stacks with existing live bird crates)
Materials : Recycled High-Density Polyethylene, Nylon rivets
Weight: 5.4kg
( L, W/D H )
Internal ( 700mm, 500mm, 275mm )
External ( 745mm, 545mm, 310mm )
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he Classic Live Bird Crate is made from durable H.D.P.E and is assembled with nylon rivets. It features a single component reinforced gate to prevent birds escaping, with new locating pins to assist in securing the gate in place should pressure be applied from above. There is a second handle on the lid to allow for easier handling and carrying. A distinctive profile design on both the long and short sides allows for better airflow in transit and while stationary. Permanent locating pins on the base and lid to provide additional support and strengthening. Small lid and gate grids help prevent injury to chicken heads, while small floor grids help prevent injury to chicken feet.

Additional information

Weight 5.400 kg
Dimensions 0.745 × 0.545 × 0.310 cm